Getting in the Water- Maui Diary #2

Upon being picked up from the airport I was given two options of what I could do.  I could go with my friend to a restaurant and have lunch or I could get lunch to go and then go snorkeling.  I of course being the ocean lover that I am, jumped at the idea of eating lunch at the beach.

It was so wonderful enjoying a meal while sitting on the sand, looking at the beautiful landscape that resided in front of me.   All I wanted to do was jump in and swim so badly.  We ate and lathered ourselves up with sunscreen and finally we were ready.  I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to be in such a perfect temperature water.  Where I live the ocean is a chilling 50 degrees pretty much all year round.  But, on this side of the ocean you are able to just jump on in and go! The water always feels so good to my skin;  It soothes me as it coats my body. It doesn’t matter to me if the ocean is calm or rough because I grew up with the big waves and nothing scares me more than those did.

With the snorkel mask and breathing tube on, I was able to just float around the top and enjoy the beauty that lived beneath me.  I saw so many different colors of green, brown, lavender and pinks from the corals, shells and seaweed. Little colorful fish darted all about chasing one another or scared they would respond to my huge shadow and try to hide in the seaweed.  I could have stayed out there for hours, searching for the perfect shell.  But being the albino white girl that I am we felt it would be good if I didn’t spend too much time my first day in the sun or I would be pink like a lobster for the rest of my trip.

I handled waves in my bare feet just fine. I was able to keep up with my flippered friend just fine and I wasn’t even tired when I finally got out of the water. I was able to learn more about the snorkeling equipment and dove under the water several times to get a better look at the underwater life. I will admit I took in several gulps of saltwater, forgetting to blow out before I sucked in when I came to the surface. But, I stayed calm and just treaded water through my choking and coughing of the scratchy salt water. And always when it comes to my beloved ocean no matter how vulnerable I felt at times, I wanted more of it as soon as I got out on the hot sand.

I am proud of myself for not being to intimidated to try the snorkeling without some tour guide telling me exactly where to go.  I am proud, that even though I by no means had even close to the best body on the beach, I was not humiliated to be in a swim suit and didn’t mind walking from one end to the next  in front of people.  I am proud of myself for attempting to dive down under the water’s surface even though I was worried I would screw up and swallow a gallon of water.  I am happy to announce that I am going to go back as soon as I can.


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