New friends – Maui Diary #3

Where Sea Turtles Live

Yesterday I went snorkeling again with my friend and as the day before, it was beautiful.  We were cruising all around looking at the little fish, trying to find shells and then my friend started to point at a big rock.  I was a bit confused as to why she was so excited about a big green rock, until it moved.  It was then that I realized the it was not a rock at all, but the top of a turtle shell;  It was an amazing sight to see! 

 The turtle was an adult, its shell was wider than me and stretched from my feet to my chest.  It’s shell was a bright green and it’s legs and head were a grayish-brown.  It’s body itself looked like a desert floor, with deep lines coursing through its rubbery skin.  It slowly swayed with the waters currents, gliding lower to the oceans floor and then back up towards the surface.  At first it didn’t notice us at all, as it floated about beneath us.  My friend who is an avid ocean swimmer and true lover of everything Hawaiian, sent respect and love to the turtle, this was when that the turtle turned and noticed us.  

My friend glided down beneath the water and slowly approached the turtle, they swam side by side until she ran out of breath.  When she came to the surface to breathe, the turtle followed her. It surfaced for a minute letting its shell feel the heat of the sun and then it swooped back down again.  This time we both followed the turtle down, swimming on either side of it.  We glided along the coral and slowly reached out to touch it.  I was surprised to find the shell was slick and slimy.  I realized then that the green on the shell was actually a covering of moss.  The turtle responded to us by swaying in the direction of our touches.  I reached for its leg and essentially held its hand (if it had one).  The webbed leg felt just as I imagined it would, slightly rubbery but hard too.   I looked in the turtles dark eyes while I swam next to it and felt a sense of wonder from it. 

While we frolicked with our new friend two more like it showed up.  One of them was a baby.  Its body was much smaller, its shell was only about a foot across and its entire body stretched from my feet to my knee.  The babies shell was spectacular.  It was streaked with colors of green, blues and pinks and was not slick to touch.  I imagine the adults shell’s are just as spectacular, but being they are covered with moss you can’t see them.  We gave the baby more room than the adults, not wanting to scare what I assumed were its parents.  Not wanting them to think that we would want to harm their baby at all. 

We played with the turtles for about 30 minutes.  My friend could hold her breath long enough to dive down with the turtles and swim under them and twirl with them before she would rise for air.  I would try to join them, but swimming beside them and lightly gliding my hand on them was all I was able to handle before my breath escaped me.  We decided after a while that we had better leave them be.  As much fun as we all seemed to be having playing with one another.  The turtles were gliding farther and farther into the ocean and the shoreline became smaller and smaller.  As we headed back in towards the land we came across another adult turtle swimming by itself.  Sadly it had large tumors all over its neck, head and legs.  It  looked like the turtle was carrying baseball size white and black rocks on its sholder.  The tumors were growing on top of one another, and surrounded either side of his head.   You could feel his loneliness and pain.  My friend and I both said a prayer for this sweet sick turtle and tried to send it love.  We swam along side it for a while reaching out to stroke it shell and it seemed thankful for the touch.  I wished I could remove the rock like tumors and lighten its load.   I wondered if the other turtles avoided this one because of its illness?  Could it be like us humans, are turtles afraid of things that are different from them?

 I will always remember my new ocean friends, swimming with them was truly a dream come true.  I will think of the turtle with the tumors and hope for a recovery for it.  I will think about the baby’s life and hope it is long and non toxic.  I worry about our underwater world.  I worry about the radiation that is coming from the Fukushima tragedy in Japan.  I hope that when I return to Maui I will see them all again, frolicking about.I am very thankful for yesterday!  I look forward to what today will bring me.

  It was Great day in my life!


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