My Friend

I hold on to your secrets
I stay quiet about your lies
As your promises you forget
And you air out all of mine

What was it we said to each other
“Your secret is safe with me”
Now it seems silence is a bother
The door to your mouth has no key

I thought I just needed to be true to you
I thought we would always be friends
I hoped you would keep my secrets too
Now I see that friendships end

I took the time to care for you
I listened to your pain
I tried to help validate the lies you use
I Never judged you, lectured or shamed

I’ve always excepted who you are
I’ve always chosen to see the softer side
Now I wonder just who you are
Did my old friend run off and hide

Keep being yourself and standing by that
Keep preaching to others about your walk
My vision of you has changed to black
As I realize you don’t walk your talk

I’ll still keep your secrets close to my chest
Hurting you is not what I want
But my faith in you has been put to the test
you are not the person I thought,

My friend


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