Candidate for Tomorrow

I would like to set some new rules for the public officials of America. I have decided that the laxidazical and re-election driven mentality that drives our public officials needs to stop. I work my ass off over 40+ hours a week for a job that I love, but that i always feel I should make more money to do. I live a moderate life, I don’t go on lavish vacations (Maui was a work trip), I don’t have expensive things in my home (I purchased my stereo in 1989), and I own two things that are “Name” Brands. Yet, I have barely enough money to make it month to month and I can NEVER seem to put any money in my savings. Why aren’t the people that i elect as my congress men or Senate woman working as hard as me? Why do they have so much time for what appears to be doing nothing but campaigning for themselves. I am desperately holding on to the middle class and yet it seems to be disappearing before my eyes.
What would happen if we made some changes to how people in office are actually put in office. What if there is no way to advertise. Each candidate has to fight their way in many even timed political debates. Where the questions are decide on by randomly picked schools minutes before the debates. Each candidate can have one equal size wright up in a book sent to every registered voter. These are the only ways they could make their agendas known. Any dinners, party’s, signage or fundraisers of any kind would be unlawful and the candidate will be asked to remove their name from the race.
Once in office these people will be expected to work no less than 30 hours a week to be able to qualify for their public provided insurance. They will make no more than a undergrad public teachers salary. Their children must attend the nearest public school to their home. This way we know that the public representative actually are aware and maybe care about what the general public may be worried about. We will hopefully have worthy candidates in both intelligence and eagerness because like a teacher no one will want the job unless they are truly hoping to make some change. There will be no recognition given to the public officials in currency other than their meager paycheck. But, upon completion of developing a new law or providing new community based service program their work will be announced in every news briefing threw out the following day.


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