2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,800 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 8 years to get that many views.

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By My Side

If it was just the two of us
there would never be issues of trust

No miles would separate
No body else could agitate

All sunsets would be seen together
All sunrises we’d spend in feathers

We would make love all day
As our worries would float away

We’d see the love in one another
We’d feel the energy we have together

I’ll keep longing for these days
Living off of the words we say

No need to let my feelings hide
I want you baby by my side

Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas to all of you I wish you all well
I hope your dreams come true but only time will tell

I wish you a warm and safe holiday season
I hope for you get some loving and pleasing

I wish you a day full of laughter and smiles
I wish you safety if your driving for miles

I wish your weather is perfect, beautiful and crisp
I’ll dream you get everything on your wish list

Let’s all wish for world peace this year
Let’s all wish for no pains or tears

Let’s wish for a world where no one is cold
A warm bed for all, both young and old

Let’s wish that everyone’s cupboard is full
The idea of no one starving is beautiful

I wish you all a very merry Christmas
I just hope I get all my wishes

Sleeping in the Center

I knew my husband and I were not doing well at all when I heard my girlfriends complaining about the huge canyon down the center of their beds; Of course bring caused by them laying snuggled up with their men. I didn’t know what my hubby and I had going on, I knew I slept good at night. When I got home I realized that there was no canyon but rather a small hill. Being that neither of us really touched anymore. We both had “our” sides of the bed. I was so saddened by this sudden realization. The rest is a long story but in fast forward lets just say he is now my “wasband” and I got the bed in the divorce.
So, I have this huge bed all to myself. I could literally do summersaults on it. I have had quite some time to get used to sleeping alone and in such a huge bed. Yet I am still only using “my” side. Last night I actually tried laying in the center, it felt weird to me. I could feel the hump that my wasband and I made and it actually made me feel like I was sleeping on “airs”. Which is so funny considering this hill is maybe all of a half inch taller than the rest of the mattress. I am surprised I could even feel it but I guess I am just the princess and this is my pea.
I don’t know really what to think about all of this. I know I like to sleep on the hump and my new goal is to flatten it.

Lay Away Plan

He wants to hold on to you
Making sure no one else can swoop in
He wants to put a halt to what you do
He’s in some competition he alone must win

He likes what he see’s when he looks at you
He likes the way you feel
He really hopes you like him too
His hopes are that his feeling are real

He talks about the things he will do
He talks about the places you two will go
He sees you raising his kids, he has a few
He’s an enigma to you that you want to know

He wants to make sure your his to fulfill his needs
He hopes this plan is what you want in love
He wants to put you on a lay away plan with warranty
He’ll put you on a shelf far above

His goal with you is not entirely clear
He seems honest but you just met him
He says what you want to hear
In the end what does he expect to win?

Long Flight

If the bird could only see through the trees
She would know if her flight was long
As it is she is blinded

If this bird could only let herself believe
That nothing in her path was wrong
Her hopes are to be reunited

She wants to fly fast around the branches
She wants to stay true to her course
She wants to believe in the magic

She needs to know what are her chances
She needs to know if it can get worse
She needs it to not to end tragic

This bird is waited down from the rain
Holding herself close in a little cave
She doubts her path once again

She longs for the sun to keep her sane
It’s just her heart she is trying to save
She hopes this time she wins


I try to keep the peace with us
I try to bring us joy
It all comes down to trust
I’m Never trying to be coy

I don’t touch anyone else
I don’t kiss, i don’t flirt
I too can get jealous
I don’t want to get hurt

I believe in your love
I believe what you say
The distance is rough
Only lengthening our days

I hardly see my friends anymore
All my spare time I leave for you
I have a hard time seeing what’s in store
Or being able to finish the things I do

Imaging where we’ll be, not where we are
All of me is wrapped up in your life
I worry about your money and your car
I stress out so much you’d think I was your wife

Yet I fear your reactions to the simplest things
I try to watch what I say so I don’t upset you
I try to show this is more than a fling
That my love for you couldn’t be more true

You can’t hold on any tighter
Your grip will cause me to leave
I know that we are both fighters
But that is not at all what I need

Please don’t over react to you and I
Please don’t read more into things than you need too
Please realize that I am not trying to make you cry
I’m just trying to help us pull through

Grateful dead show continued part 2

When we got to the subway station we were so intimidated. The hustle and bustle of it all felt as though we would be eaten up. We found the map and figured out what tram to get on. When we finally got on, we sat in quiet nervousness and excitement, going in and out of awareness of our surroundings. We slowly realized we had missed our stop and had gone way to far. We got off at the next stop and figured we needed to back track a bit but our tram wouldn’t be there for a few more minutes.
We sat ourselves down On a bench in the center if the platform and discussed what the concert would be like. We were both a bit scared and really excited.
It didn’t take long for the gang of African American thuds all in blue to come up and make a half circle inches from our backs. My friend and I tensed as we felt our immediate danger rise. I whispered to her “don’t move”. I dont think either of us were breathing we were so scared. It was right at that monument that the subway train pulled up and all we could see inside the windows was a sea of tie-dye. As soon as the doors open we shot up like firecrackers and ran into the train. As the doors closed I turned to see all the guys still standing there just staring at us. Who knows what their intentions were with us, but the way the hair on my arms were raised I don’t think it would have been good.
We eventually came a to a stop where all the tie-dyed people got off, so we did too. We followed them threw a huge parking lot where every 100 feet or so someone would approach us for a purchase. ” hey you want to buy some tickets? Want a joint?” The best one was the girl with the tray that hung from her neck. Like the one Betty boop would wear. But instead if selling cigarettes and gum she was selling drugs. ” pot, shrooms, LSD, coke, pot shrooms, LSD, coke” she would rattle off her selection like they were types of gum. I was so shocked at this point by the night events I couldn’t even digest what she was selling. I had seen and smelt pot but never been offered it. I certainly had never been this close to that many drugs. I was really scared and kind of exhilarated too. What would come next?

Ornamental or More

I believe everything happens for a reason. Everything, from the smallest little thing to the worst things imaginable. I had a woman who’s daughter was killed in a car accident give me my most challenging argument against my belief. But, still I continue to believe that everything happens for a reason.
Today I got another taste of this karmic reality when I hung all the Christmas tree ornaments I got to keep in the divorce, up on my own tree. I became a bit melancholy when I saw this old marriage memory.


I hung this sweet old keep sake with care as I have done every year since the first year of our marriage. Even though we are no longer together I do not regret our love or the life we shared so I hung it willingly. Hours later I came into the dining room that sits just off of the living room and houses part of Christmas tree. I found my little marriage reminder laying on the floor like this.

I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. I was sad to see it go and at the same time I thought it rather coincidental ( which I don’t believe in because I believe everything happens for a reason) that this particular ornament out of about 40 ornaments is the one to fall from grace. Odd considering it is the first year I will spend Christmas as a single woman. This ornaments tragic end came just a few months after that of the actual marriage. Isn’t that funny?
Just another day in LoLa land

Coloring Project – The Frog


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His First Wife, Gracce Octavia
The promise of happiness, Justin Cratwright
Silk & Shadows
The Honey Thief
The marriage
Ya ya Sisterhood book # 3
The Other Boleyn Girl
Wishful Drinking, Carrie Fisher
3 book flower series by Nora Roberts
The Kept woman
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