Ornamental or More

I believe everything happens for a reason. Everything, from the smallest little thing to the worst things imaginable. I had a woman who’s daughter was killed in a car accident give me my most challenging argument against my belief. But, still I continue to believe that everything happens for a reason.
Today I got another taste of this karmic reality when I hung all the Christmas tree ornaments I got to keep in the divorce, up on my own tree. I became a bit melancholy when I saw this old marriage memory.


I hung this sweet old keep sake with care as I have done every year since the first year of our marriage. Even though we are no longer together I do not regret our love or the life we shared so I hung it willingly. Hours later I came into the dining room that sits just off of the living room and houses part of Christmas tree. I found my little marriage reminder laying on the floor like this.

I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. I was sad to see it go and at the same time I thought it rather coincidental ( which I don’t believe in because I believe everything happens for a reason) that this particular ornament out of about 40 ornaments is the one to fall from grace. Odd considering it is the first year I will spend Christmas as a single woman. This ornaments tragic end came just a few months after that of the actual marriage. Isn’t that funny?
Just another day in LoLa land


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