Sleeping in the Center

I knew my husband and I were not doing well at all when I heard my girlfriends complaining about the huge canyon down the center of their beds; Of course bring caused by them laying snuggled up with their men. I didn’t know what my hubby and I had going on, I knew I slept good at night. When I got home I realized that there was no canyon but rather a small hill. Being that neither of us really touched anymore. We both had “our” sides of the bed. I was so saddened by this sudden realization. The rest is a long story but in fast forward lets just say he is now my “wasband” and I got the bed in the divorce.
So, I have this huge bed all to myself. I could literally do summersaults on it. I have had quite some time to get used to sleeping alone and in such a huge bed. Yet I am still only using “my” side. Last night I actually tried laying in the center, it felt weird to me. I could feel the hump that my wasband and I made and it actually made me feel like I was sleeping on “airs”. Which is so funny considering this hill is maybe all of a half inch taller than the rest of the mattress. I am surprised I could even feel it but I guess I am just the princess and this is my pea.
I don’t know really what to think about all of this. I know I like to sleep on the hump and my new goal is to flatten it.


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