Lost Friendship

I thought we were friends you and I
I thought you would always be in my life

I thought you loved me like this
Like my soul is one you’d miss

I called on you through out the years
You held me and even wiped my tears

I have been there for you in hard times
We talked, we cried we discussed the signs

Now you don’t call, you don’t text
Your reaction to my contacts have me perplexed

What was it that made you turn away
What was it I did? What did I say?

You don’t look me in the eye anymore
You don’t say goodbye before walking out the door.

It saddens me to see our friendship like this
Like you barely know me and I’m easily dismissed

I want you to know I am still here for you if you need anything
But I will be waiting for you to come to me if you want something

I love you dear friend but this dismissal hurts me
I’ll be here waiting for you to offer up an olive tree.

If no tree is offered. If no apology is in sight
Then the least you can do is too tell me why?


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