Feeling Lost

I have been feeling a bit lost lately. I have everything I desired just two short years ago. I have a home I love. I have a job I love. I have a family I love. I have a sexy man who I love and who loves me. Hell, I even have a car that I love. I’m healthy! My family is healthy! Even my dog is healthy! Yet, instead of being joyful in all my love and all the love I feel, I am feeling discouraged and scared.
I feel like I am going backwards instead of forwards. I feel like I could be paying better attention to my exercising. I should be watching what I consume more closely. I should be cleaning up more and paying closer attention at work. I feel like I am sliding back into some of my old familiar habits and I don’t want too.
Am I doing these things or feeling this way because I am unclear about what to focus on now? now that I have accomplished all I set out to do? Am I scared because I am exactly where I wanted to be and I still feel as though something is not right in my life? Am I one of those people who can never feel for-filled or satisfied?
How do I go about keeping the wonderful life that I have made for myself and being happy with it and with myself?
I did this entire change to my life so I wouldn’t feel dead inside anymore. Now I am scared that, that feeling is where I am headed once again. I fear my joy and my shine are dwindling because of this feeling and I need to find a way to stop it from happening. But how?
Just another day in Lola-Land


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