Green To Yellow & Back To Red Again

As the light went from green to yellow and back to red again.
I wondered when my life would begin

Why all the noise, why all the honking
Some people are so angry they should be walking

What happened to just being polite
Why all the flashing of those annoying headlights

Everyone here knows some sort of sign language
I’ve been flipped off so much, it’s outlandish.

I’m shocked and dismayed by the yelling and screaming
The man in my rear view mirror is steaming

Why are so many people so bitter
I just wanted to sit and think for a little


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2010 Summer Reading List

Sookie Stackhouse, the complete stories A touch of Dead
Finger Prints & Facelifts
His First Wife, Gracce Octavia
The promise of happiness, Justin Cratwright
Silk & Shadows
The Honey Thief
The marriage
Ya ya Sisterhood book # 3
The Other Boleyn Girl
Wishful Drinking, Carrie Fisher
3 book flower series by Nora Roberts
The Kept woman
Twlight book # 4
twlight book #3

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