The Neanderthal Man

He’s a Neanderthal man it’s quite obvious to all
When standing by others he makes them seen small

With his big rough hands able to move anything
His big strong arms able to lift everything

He stares at you in silence intimidating and powerful
He doesn’t need to speak to make you feel bashful

He is a man of few words but what he says is important
His audience he selects by their wit and their intellect

He always knows just what to do when it all hits the fan
He’s always has a solution for you or a really good plan

He will take you when he wants you and leave no inch of you unscathed
His passion for you will consume you and you’ll pray it never fades

He will pull you by your hair, he grunts and groans
But you’ll like it so much you’ll hear yourself moan

He’s a Neanderthal man at the very best
He can even survive without beating his chest


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