Stage Hand

This gig has a rotating cast of players
I alone manage the stage
The play has many layers
The actors are all of a different age

It’s a comedy at times
Laughter bringing down the house
It’s a tragedy Like a bad wine
The audience so quiet you can hear a mouse

The actors have their own drama to act out
Everything is about them
It’s all about what they want or they start to pout
The rest of us have to just give in

I watch from the back not knowing what to say
I watch them in their costumed imagination
I am the keeper of the props for this play
A position with no star-studded motivation

I keep things moving for the show
My timing must be perfect
Ask the actors who I am, no on knows
To them I’m the village idiot

They can forget about me if they want
Pretend I don’t exist
I’ll keep opening the curtains on the dot
And closing all the exits

The snow will always fall
The fake rain will always clatter
The actors will always appear tall
Because you won’t see my ladder

I have worked with everybody
I doubt any of them remember my name
I knew them all before they were somebody
I’ll keep my anonymity without any shame

This play will run its course
The actors will all move away
The signs will come down with force
The shows over but I alone will stay


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