The Caging Of The Bird

This birds been caged since the fall
She had no idea that she was
Ever since he came to call
She had no idea he was the cause

The bird shined bright at that time
Her feathers a brilliant yellow hue
She thought if she stayed she’d be fine
Not knowing the things he’d do

He told her would always be there for her
He told her he would take care
He told her he only saw her in his future
There would be no love that could compare

He begged her to just be his
“don’t fly away from me”
He told her, “all you need is my kiss”
“Our love will set you free”

She thought she found her mate
She thought she’d found her home
The bird was in a euphoric state
No need for her heart to roam

He wanted her for himself
He made her a gelded cage
He begged her to love no one else
It would only put him in a rage

She willingly agreed to his pleads
She needed no one else but him
He met all of her needs
Her love for him had no end

He showed her the cage he had for her
She quickly flew in on her own
She never imagined what was about to occur
That he would lock her in her new home

He trapped her in that gelded cage
For then she could never leave
It was a bet he was willingly to wage
But he still hoped that she was happy

She could no longer spread her wings
She could no longer play with her friends
As you know, A caged bird never sings
She felt her freedom come to an end

The bird was still content to be with him
Even though he was gone for quite some time
She waited in the cage for their life to begin
If he was true to his word they’d be fine

He would come to visit her
Holding her in his arms
Stroking her thinning feathers
Telling her he’d keep her from harm

The bird sat alone for way too long
Hoping he would let her out
All at once everything seemed to go wrong
He would suddenly start to shout

He imagined her with other birds
He just knew she would and when
He didn’t seem to hear her words
When she swore all she needed was him

The bird thought she was content to stay
Her heart belonged to only him
But, His jealousy got in their way
He would never leave the cage door open

Her beautiful shine was almost gone
Her feathers all laid on the cage floor
What she thought she wanted now seemed wrong
As her freedom stayed just outside the locked door

By the end of winter she was worn and weak
Her wings hadn’t been used in many moons
Depressed the bird could barely open her beak
Seeing her sadness he didn’t know what to do

Finally realizing he could never control her
He unlocked the cage hoping she would stay with him
As much as she wanted to share their love forever
To her there was nothing more important than freedom!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. johncoyote
    Mar 11, 2013 @ 11:05:12

    A lock-up person is not loved. They are prisoners. I like the honest ending. Thank you for the excellent poem.


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