The Single Vow

That’s it! I am DONE being in relationships! I am calling off boyfriends! I am going to take a time out for a while and take some time to get to know myself. Without any kind of outside influence or distraction. I need to be focused on something other than what my man wants or when I am going to be able to see him? This is it! This is what I set out for over two years ago. I wanted my freedom! That is all I have been searching for, for so long! I know I am going to get lonely at times, sad too. I put way to much emphasis on my self-worth being based around the love I get from others. Deep down I know what I am truly made of and capable of. Deep down I know I am amazing. 🙂 But Why must I wait for a loved one to confirm that for me to really see and feel it?

I “Funny Girl LoLa” here by declare a vow of singleness! For no less than six months I will not do any of the following things!

1- I will NOT Get Married
2- I will NOT move in with a man or have a man move in with me
3- I will NOT call Anyone a boyfriend (or girlfriend if I decide to go that route)
4- I will NOT fall In Love
5- I will NOT fall In almost Love! (AKA-LUST)
6- I will NOT actively search for a Partner
7- I will NOT become jealous over a lover for relationship issues
8- I will NOT spend less than three nights a week alone (in bed! hee hee it’s like a fortune cookie. Do you like how I snuck that in there?).

I Will start this vow on today’s date March 11, 2013 and will follow the rules I have set forth in this blog post until no earlier than September 11, 2013.

(Go ahead and think me silly if you want. Maybe it’s a stupid vow to you. It’s not saving the world or feeding the poor. But, for me it is huge! I have only been single for six months since I was 17. (only 10 years ago… hee hee wink). Wish me luck, but; I don’t think I’ll need it. I said I would become a vegetarian for a month ( and I love RED MEAT), and I did! I said I would lose 100lbs and I did. Now dammit! I’m going to be single!

Just another day in the life In LoLaLand


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