Taking a chance

Today a co-worker asked me if I wanted to go see a concert tonight. Normally I would say “Aw thanks, but I have to work tonight” (which I did) and that would have been the end of that. But, today I am single and even though;  YES technically, I should have come home and got some work done… How often is it someone offers you a ticket to a concert? I had never heard of the singer, I had no idea where we were going or when we would be home; and I didn’t care. This is what I wanted to do right? Try new things? Have new experiences? Well..? So I say…

“OK!” and then i say to my boss who overheard us making plans, “I’m going to be in late tomorrow.”

So at 7:30 tonight (Last night officially) I was all ready to go in my sexy boots and my Booty Jeans. We drove to the Castro district in San Francisco, to catch a Iceland singer by the name of Asgeir Trausti. (Don’t ask me how to pronounce it, but hearing him say his own name almost put me in heat.)  When we got to the city it took awhile to find parking (of course). But, finally we were successful and started strutting down the hill to Market street. We went about four blocks when my friend realized we were going the wrong way. So, we turn around to head back UP the hill. We finally make it to market and go left then we realize we are again going the wrong way. At this point I am happy that I wore jeans and boots over a dress and heals.

We finally make it to the club laughing at ourselves for being so retarded with our whereabouts. Then to make matters even funnier, I fell again. On a street corner on one of those bright yellow, bumpy plastic ground covers they are putting everywhere.  (This was the only time  I thought about my ex during the entire evening. Because he told me once how much those stupid things cost and how you legally have to have them.) I stepped down on it, with my smooth bottom boots and it had been raining. My foot just slid over all the bumps away from me until I was down on my right knee! Sexy Hu? Anyway, I pushed off from my knee  and shot back up, like the pro-faller that I am. My friend started laughing and said, “that was the most graceful fall I have ever seen.”
To which I replied, “I know, I’m a pro!”

The band was amazing and the singer was sexy as all get out. I was in a state of aw as I watched him sing. The music whether in English or in his native tongue was both sexy and sad, but so very beautiful.

Asgeir Trausti

We had the best time listening to him.  But, being it is a Tuesday night when the concert was over, (Which was quick because the band ran out of songs), we headed back to the car.  We walked down Market about three blocks and then made a left. We walked down the hill another 4 blocks and realized we had no idea where the car was. So, we turned left and went back towards the club for about three blocks. Then we turned right and we up all the way to Market and ended up about a block away from the club. This is when my friend started to get a bit nervous. (At this point my sexy boots are killing me and so is my knee from the fall). We turn right on Market going the way we first walked but this time we turned right at the first block, walk down the hill two blocks and still no car! Mind you we are passing sleeping homeless people in every doorway. Finally we go another block over and two more down and we FOUND the car. We had actually walked over the street it was on twice already.

All in all, I would definitely say I had an adventure and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Next time I plan on leaving some sort of car GPS for the car so we can track its whereabouts easier. But, I did have an absolute blast tonight and I am so glad I went. I laughed so much, I don’t mind the sore feet and throbbing knee. so far, the whole “taking chances”  part of being single is working out pretty well.
Just another night in Single LoLa-Land!


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