Single fears.

I sleep horribly these days. I feel like I toss and turn all night. It takes me forever to get to sleep and then I wake up from various reasons. I have had allergies, dogs, kids playing, trucks backing up, all wake me up. But mostly it’s my stress and thoughts that wake me up in the early morning hours.
I think it’s work stress for the most part. I worry about my financial stability all the time. I have no one to depend on for financial support. Not that I should, I am an adult.
I need to be responsible for my own life, I know, I get it. Ever since the wasband and I split I have had the cold realization that there is no more buffer between me and the “fit hitting the Shan”.
Big Red was woken up a lot by my tossing and turning. He would say I would moan or whimper like I was really upset about something. He would have to grab me up in his arms and hold on tight to me until I calmed down. I of course had no idea this was happening to me as I slept. I just know that I would and still do wake up with bags under my eyes, wether I sleep a long time or not.

Oh well I am hoping that I get used to my new situation. I hope I can gain the trust I need deep down, to know that everything will always work out. I know deep down that I will be just fine. Now it’s a matter of letting my sub conscious know it.

Oh well just another Night in LoLa land!


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