Drive Safely

Drive Safely back to your life
Please just take your time
You will soon see your son and wife
Everything will end up fine

Drive Safely back to yourself
Make sure you end up where you want to be
Please don’t harm anyone else
Stop yourself before things get ugly

Drive Safely away from here
This place you swore you wanted to live
I guess your wants weren’t that clear
Or did you just want more than I could give

Drive Safely to that next step
Please try to make better decisions
This may be as good as it gets
Rainbows may sometimes color your vision

Drive Safely please around bends and turns
Try to for-see what may be coming
Don’t stop trying to seek what your heart yearns
Don’t settle down, but stop running

Drive safely towards your past
Reaching out for the ones you left behind
Please try not to drive too fast
Remember the bumper sticker, “Be Kind”

Drive Safely away from me
Your love for me left long ago
This has been a waste of my energy
A constant challenge to feed your ego

Drive Safely back to things you didn’t want
They will love you even still
Hopefully you will feel all of what you forgot
Your heart will be fulfilled

Drive safely please and take care
I will hope only the best for you
There’s a lesson in “Us” as a pair
What it is, I wish I knew.


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