Single Learning

I am reading a book right now called “Radical Forgiveness” by Colin Tipping. Which is really speaking to me. It goes along very well with the book I just finished called, “Many Masters, Many Lives” by Dr. Brain Weiss. Both handle different subjects of healing, but; sort of skim around the same premise. The idea that essentially the way we handle our lives and our relationships is determined by the lessons we need to learn and the experiences we have had. Our fears and problems are potentially caused not by some new aspect or episode in our lives at this moment, but; possibly in our childhood and or in past lives.

In “Radical Forgiveness” Tipping refers to our relationships in this life being effected by past experiences in our childhood. Like someone being pushed to their limits and not feeling in control of their own lives; All because of abuse sustained as a child. He says, that they will possibly continue to fall into similar relationships so they can prolong these feelings and patterns that they have had all their lives. For example, the person abused as in a child could find themselves in another abusive relationship or feel abused by their boss. Tipping argues that we need to see these people, that we bring into our world, and the roles they play in them, as answers to our lessons, not theirs. We attract these relationships because of needs they fulfill in us.

We fall into old patterns and our actions can cause history to essentially, repeat itself (in respect to our feelings). What we must except when we start to see patterns in our lives, that they are a lesson for us to reflect on. It is a train of thought we have, that takes us to the same place each time. I think of mine as the train of abuse. My thoughts will just spiral down some slippery slope to a “Woes me!” mess of a woman. When I am lucky, I realize my silliness before I slide into a depression of Ben and Jerry’s and romantic comedies. Ultimately, I think Tipping is saying, we should be thankful for all relationships no matter how hard they are. Each relationship should be acknowledged with love. Because as painful as they may be they serve a purpose for us. We need not be angry at the other person as much as ourselves. Because, it is our pattern we keep manifesting.

Dr Weiss, takes the idea of forgiveness and past experiences effecting our current situations to a whole new realm, He argues that how we lived and how we died in a previous life can bring about phobias and fears in this life or future lives. That relationships we had with souls in past lives can replay themselves in different ways in other lives. Whether it be that in one life your father leaves and you feel abandoned and in another life that same soul can be your lover and leave you for someone else; again causing you to feel abandoned.

He discusses the idea that if we can, we should learn to forgive people for things they may have done to us, or are doing to us. Because we may have had the same dance played out in another life already. And if you don’t figure out what it is you need to learn from one another and If you don’t learn to forgive, you will continue to have the same issues in each life, until it is resolved.

Unless we have a crystal ball or we have toned our psychic abilities it seems to me that some of us may never truly understand the reason we fall into the patterns we fall into. The path needs to be realizing the true reality you are in now. I see where it all comes down to forgiveness. Forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others. I don’t want to keep repeating my same old patterns. I don’t want to keep having the same bad experiences over and over again. I just need to find away to know when I am starting to slide into my old patterns again.




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