Hard Hats to Heals

My ex boyfriend gave me a hardhat because I am such a klutz.  I swear I run into wall, poles, people.  I fall down steps, stairs, curbs.  I am a mess.  I was always thankful he was a big guy because I could usually use him to stable myself if I needed too; or he would just catch me.  He said the hard hat was to keep me safe when he wasn’t around.  It was very sweet gesture and comical too.

You can imagine how crazy it is that I am now wearing heals.  Me in flats and tennis shoes is already a scary thing.  Me taller… or on stilts, well now that is just down right insane.  I love it though!  I love being even taller.  I love the way my butt looks when I wear heals.  For some reason my legs seem to have an entirely new shape.  I feel sexy all day long, even with cotton panties on.  I am trying to wear more heals more often so I can get used to walking in them.

As much as I appreciate the hardhat gift it made me look like a complete dork.  Dorky is not a look I am going for right now.  I guess part of my new discovery of my self is the need to let a little lioness out of it’s cage and wearing heals seems to be a little step in that direction.

Wish me luck!


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