First Date

I had myself a first date last night. But, it was a first date with someone I had never met and had never seen before. I was really very nervous I have only had that kind of experience maybe once before. Most of my dates have been with people that I’ve known for years. Or i have at least gotten to know them in certain occasions and so they weren’t strangers to me. This man was pretty much a stranger.
I had no idea what to expect what if he was some sort of serial killer? (I think I watch way too much CSI). But because of this reason I decided to meet him at the bar instead of having him come pick me up. I was so nervous, what would he be like? What if he didn’t like me? What if he didn’t think I was pretty at all? I wondered if he Didn’t like what he saw would he just leave? Would he walk right out? would I even know he had been there? I Won’t even get into the whole what do I wear issue.
As it is i got there before he did and I waited, I was wondering the whole time these thoughts and if he was even going to show up. Then, he was there, and he was cute, and the first words out of his mouth were “wow! you’re beautiful”.
To which I replied, “Well then I forgive you for being late”.
I had a really great time. It was really nice spending time with someone I didn’t know and getting to know him better. We ended up talking for hours. I know I will see him again and I look forward to it.
No, for those of you who read my blog religiously and know about my vow to be single, I’m not breaking my vows. He asked me out and I said yes. I’m not going to run back into Someone else’s arms and stay there again. But, I do want to experience some fun and that’s what I’m doing. I am trying to be open to try new things and i made a new friend last night because of it.
Wish me luck, its just another day in single LoLa-Land


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