Full Figured Surprise

Yesterday I got the strangest phone call. It went some thing like this,
My cell rings it’s theme song for the titanic and I look at the screen, to see, just the word, “napa”. I think to myself, “that’s weird”. Curious, I pick up the phone, “Hello”.
“Hi” a man replies “I was calling to confirm your reservations for tonight.”
Without thinking I reply, “ok”. Because I have tickets to a comedy show in the city. But then it occurs to me that I don’t have reservations, I have my tickets. Just as this realization clicks in my head the strange man starts talking again.
“Yes Miss, I wanted to confirm a time with you?” He asked me.
“Yes what reservations are we speaking of here?” I ask interested. and wondering if I forgot more plans I had made. ( Because sometimes I forget things.
He quickly replies, “yes we have you down as reserving the two full figured woman for tonight’s bachelor party.”
I myself being a full figured woman could not imagine what I would possibly do with two more of me. My date would probably not complain but I am sure it would be more than he could handle.
I chuckle because the visual of him with three busty woman all night made this so comical. “Yeah, I didn’t reserve two full figure woman for tonight.” I reply
“Well miss we have your name, address, and phone number right here.” He quickly responds.
“So what’s my name and address?” I ask
“Miss you don’t need to be embarrassed or shy, we are here to help you in this situation.” He quickly starts a speech.
I interrupt him because as funny as this all is too me, I am already late for my date.
“What is my name and address!”
He stops talking, and them replies with, “what time would you like them to show up?”
This is when I hung up. Only to find my date perched on the edge of my couch like a little school boy, about to see his first magic show, “are two more full figured woman coming over?” ( I swear if he had a tail it would have been swinging back and forth!) It was at this point we both start to crack up. “What the hell?” I wondered.

Of course it was some sort of crank call. But it was funny as shit. So who ever was trying to spoof me only succeeded in making me laugh.
Thank you.
Of course just another day in LoLa-Land


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