Beautiful Catskills

I was in such a wonderfully introspective mood yesterday that all I wanted to do was stay another day in this beautiful environment I am in. I was able to convince my friend (very easily, in fact I think he may have suggested it) to stay another night at the cabin instead of going back to NYC.
This place, even on dark, cold, rainy days like yesterday is so magical, I never want to leave. But it isn’t always like this.
Both yesterday’s morning and today’s morning, I have spent on a comfy mattress covered with throw pillows, in the corner of a floor to ceiling, windowed covered porch. Beyond my room of opened windows is a raging creek. I have sat for hours here with only the sound of the flowing creek and chirping birds for company. I would so desperately love to call it a river because it is as big and as strong as one, but honestly it is a creek. It is a creek that just spilled over its on creek bed during hurricane Sandy and engulfed the very room and cabin that I am in. It filled up so fast and so much that it ate up my friends cabin and continued on over Hwy 28, making it impossible for the local residents to do anything but go up into the mountains and pray the water stops.
Sandy did not take the cabin thankfully, but it ran through it drenching the floors, walls and furniture with mood, water, twigs and rocks. I can’t even imagine the amount of work it took to bring this place back to life. I can’t imagine the sadness they felt seeing their home engulfed in water. I am so thankful they were not in the cabin at the time.
Their neighbor however, a single mom with two kids who lived the same distance from the river said she lived in her house for three years as a full time resident and she was told to evacuate her home 6 times in those 3 years. She was overwhelmed by what seemed like the constant threat of her home and kids being washed away. Fed up with it all and her kids fears of the storm horns that sounded they begged her to move away from being directly on the creekside. Which speaks volumes to me because what kid doesn’t want a huge moving swimming hole in their backyard.
Hurricane Sandy filled the creek with so much water that the force of it not only swept through houses and over roads it moved entire 1000lb boulders from their comfy resting spots and pushed them to an entirely different spots in the creek. My friend was pleasantly surprised to find that the large boulder he loved to layout on the most, on a hot day, which was always nestled under a tree on His neighbors side of the creek, Had been forced to move to this side of the creek, with its under belly exposed. Leaving a large, flat, smooth surface that is now perfect for sunning, only now this prime sunspot resides on my friends land. Another neighbor had a horrible creek access with rocks and knotweed blocking his entrance and after Sandy roared through he had no rocks or weeds but instead, a soft sandy beach that was unearthed in the storm.
I guess it’s amazing to me that something so beautiful, tranquil and peaceful could turn so quickly into something dangerous and deadly. They say that as soon as the water rises over the creek bed wall, it can sometimes only take minutes for the waters to reach your home. It makes me think twice about ever wanting to buy a home next to a body of water, but what about the other 98% of the time when it is like this, beautiful, peaceful and nothing but relaxing? Are the odds worth it? I’m thinking yes, yes they are.




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