Opening The Bag

Draw strings hold tight to my little bag
Knots make up a protective layer
I pull at its strings to start a snag
Hoping to make a whole in this container

What’s inside is a mystery to me
A puzzle I am desperate to solve
I want to open it wide for all to see
But the task seems quite involved

I was told my time was clicking
I can see the sand pass through the glass
It’s like a bite I cant stop itching
I don’t want to wait to see if it will pass

This bag seems to be a mixed assortment
Of all my longings, hopes and joys
I want to be careful not to force it
The contents must not be destroyed

The bag must be handled carefully
Like the petals on a flower
I must unravel each knot patiently
With no attention to the passing hours

My goal is simple yet difficult at best
A journey to see what’s inside
It’s just my future that depends on this test
The outcome will be my prize

I will hold on tight to my little bag of self
I will treat it like a newborn baby
I will cherish it above everything else
Until I can open my bag with ease


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