Gay date Vs. Straight Date

I spend a lot of time hanging with both straight and gay men and I have found there are many differences between the two when you hang out with them. Here are the ones I can think of:

1 gay men don’t want to see or feel a naked woman, they can even be repulsed by what a naked woman has to offer which is not normal for the straight men.

2 when you hang out with gay men they usually look better than you do. You can usually count on them being hotter than your straight date.

3 When you walk with gay men they really pay no concern about where you are. It’s like hanging with a girlfriend, they will usually walk ahead of you. Straight men walk with you and will sometimes even take your hand.

4 gay men will pull their chest away from yours when you hug them. Straight men will do the death grip arm of steel around your chest to obtain maximum feel.

5 A gay man will tell you if you have a buger hanging from your nose. Straight men will pretend they don’t see anything wrong but then will be quick to take the you home.

6. A polite straight man will hold the door open for you to walk through it. Most gay men will let it slam in your face, “because damn girl, didn’t you have that?”

7. If you ask a gay man “how do I look” he will look you up and down And either tell you what needs to be changed and or say something like “Girl if I was straight I would fuck ya”. A straight man will barely look at you with one eye and say “you look great! Lets go”

8. When you touch a gay man you usually get no more of a rush then petting your cat. When you touch a straight man you can get chills all the way down your back.

9. With gay men you never have to worry about “naked man insecurities”. If someone is giving you a hard time they either walk away and pretend its not happening or they flirt with the person just to piss them off or shut them up. You never have to worry about them beating the shit out of the person harassing you.

10. The biggest difference between hanging out with gay verses straight men is that you don’t need to worry about straight men being competition for you when it comes to meeting the cute guy at the end of the bar.


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