The Soul Sucker

The soul sucker is here to take my soul
It holds onto my being and won’t let me go

It sucks up my spirit and terrorize my nerves
My body looks bloated with a barrel not curves

The sucker pulls on my muscles until their just spent
Feels like someone moved in and didn’t pay rent

It’s cruel on its attack of all of my senses
Simple tasks are like scaling very tall fences

I’m gloomy and tired, weak and depressed
I almost got fired, Because I got so damned

I spent a whole day crying about everything
Tears would just flow over absolutely nothing

I’m angry and bitter, pathetic at best
Give me a stick and I’ll beat my own chest

The soul sucker has my body under its control
It’s not my choice how long it will be on hold

My stomach is cramping and my breasts really hurt
My pores are angry like they’re filled up with dirt

I’m breaking out on every square inch of my face
I might just explode if I don’t get out of this place

I’m antsy and horny, Constipated and weepy
Please crappy Soul sucker, go ahead and kill me


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