Growing in the moon

The blackberries grew in the light of the moon
Taking over all that laid near
Encompassing all the life near by with doom
Controlling the soil for which they held dear

With its twisted bladed arms
It wrapped as it invaded
Eating up all with its charms
Surprising such sweetness comes from being jaded

It reached over the fallen logs
Layering it with a prickly vale
Hiding the wood from stray dogs
And what comes from under their tails

The blackberries consumed the sleeping earth
Covering all that lived there before
It was as if spring had just given birth
As the moon sucked the vine from its pores

The wonders the blackberries provide with pleasure
All sweetness or even some tart
To so many they are viewed as a treasure
Held as favorites in ones hearts

The blackberries flavor is nectar of the gods
Their skin alone can stain anything they touch
Like the blood they steel when you reach for their pods
Reminding you not to take too much

Amazing what goodness can be known
From something with such aggression
As the blackberry bush continues to grow
Somewhere in there lies a lesson



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