I Am Not Dead Yet

Watch the tense by which you speak of me
I am not dead yet
The muted tones of your voice do not make it impossible to hear.
Just more obvious to me that I must listen harder

Look at me with sorrow after I have passed
To feel your pain around the loss of me while my heart still pounds only makes my heart beat quieter
I am not dead yet

Why be afraid to hug me now
I am not dead yet
Physical touch is what I need more than ever before
Your fear of hurting me only brings me loneliness and hurts me.

I am not dead yet
Our memories have not been forgotten
When you take the time to stroll memory lane I wonder what it is you are not saying about the now

Please treat me as you always have
Touch me the way you would have before
Talk to me as your confidant as I’ve always been
Please be the you I love, for I am still me

I am not dead yet


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