Great Dates

I was just talking to a friend of mine who is all nervous about a first date she has lined up for tonight. I was telling her I could relate because I had a particular date almost two years ago that had me such a nervous wreck I was sick to my tummy all day. But that when it finally happened it ended up being one of my top three dates ever. She asked me why it ended up being a “best date” and what were the other two best dates. I said, “he showed up! And he showed up sober” then we laughed.
But really her questions made me ponder “what makes a date so much better than the rest? Why were these three dates so special?”
Here’s what I came up with. All three dates took me somewhere I had never been before. All three dates added an experience to my life that I have never had before. All three dates paid for most, If not all of our date. All of them were very attentive and filled with compliments, making me feel all warm and appreciated inside. But the biggest thing I noticed in ALL of them was the Effort value!
In all three dates each man made a huge effort to take me out. I think that is the most important thing for me is seeing effort made for me. I told a man recently that impressing a woman starts from the moment you pick her up.
Do you look nice? Did you clean up the car so it was ready for her? Did you open the door for her? Did you pay for dinner? Did you ask her questions about herself? All of these things show an effort made to make the date more enjoyable.
Maybe it comes from being married for 12 years and having my man make NO effort in anyway shape or form for me. Maybe it’s because I feel as though I am always making all the plans in my life, so I really appreciate it when someone else takes that initiative just for me.
Maybe some day I will tell you all about these three amazing dates, maybe I won’t. But the interesting thing is all three of them have transpired in the last three two to three years of my life. So hopefully there will be more coming.
Hopefully they will become regular occurrences in Lola-land.


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