Great Advertising

Today at the local farmers market, I walked up to a corner light and stopped to wait for it to say WALK, just as a young girl who was already standing there screamed to some guy across the street.
“I want to suck your dick”!
I was ill prepared for that statement but managed to ignore it and mind my own business, as I looked across the street to figure out which one of the boys ( yes I mean boys) she was devoting such urges to. When suddenly the same girl says loudly,
“I like your skirt”
I had no idea if she was talking to me because there was a crowd of people around but I turned to look at her because I was in fact wearing a skirt. She and her girlfriend she was groping were looking straight at me.
“Thank you” I say
“Did you get it at forever 21?” She asks
“Umm no” I answer
“You should shop at forever 21” she demands
“Sometimes I do” I replied.
To which she goes off,
” you should totally shop at forever 21 you would love their clothes they would look great on you”
obviously she didn’t listen to me.
” I work at forever 21 and so does my friend.”
As she looks back at her friend, hugs her tighter and then kisses her.
She then goes on, ” you should totally come in and shop there ask for me, my name is Molly. I will hook you up. But I don’t work tomorrow, come in on Monday OK?!”
I just smiled at her and was thankful the WALK sign was finally flashing. Just As I was starting to walk away I turned back to her and said, “I hope you enjoy that BJ”. She gasped and her friend chuckled.
All I keep thinking about is how great it is that Forever 21 puts biblical quotes on the bottom of their bags and then hires people who are heathens like me.
Maybe it’s ironic or maybe just funny. But more like a funny hu?!
Oh well just another moment in LoLa land


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