Sex In The City

Life is so funny, when I was younger about 20 something and the show Sex In The City was out and popular, I was a die hard fan  (Don’t tell anyone but I still am).   I used to love to watch the ladies and imagine that was what my life was going to be when I was a 30/40 something year old woman.  I used to wish that i had their wardrobes, their homes and their jobs.  I could never figure out who I felt I was most like.  I always wanted to be married with children so in that sense I felt more like Charlotte.  But, at times in my life I have been a real horn-dog and have wanted more sex than anything else, in those times I felt like  I would be Samantha when I grew up.  However, the person who I could relate to the most was Carrie.  I loved her look, her energy, the fact that she could both take or leave the men in her life. I loved what she wrote and the fact that she was able to make a living at it.   I wanted to grow up to be more independent like she was.

At some point Sex In The City went off the air, my hubby and I let our HBO go and I let go of all those dreams of being one of the Sexy City Ladies.  Life went on and I got the picket fence and the marriage that Charlotte and I so longed for.  i moved on past those dreams and watched the years fade away.  Now I am damn near 40 (Ssssshhhh don’t tell anyone that either) and I have access to the very un-sexy reruns of Sex In The City on TV.  I laugh so hard watching this show now.  I find the woman so shallow at times and so superficial.  I find some of the content around men and relationship so comical because now it feels to me as though I have lived through those issues in my own life and I handled them differently then that of the characters on Sex in the City.   I now feel like I am an equal with these ageless woman, that I could have maybe help guide them in their issues.  I feel like i could write a few of my own comical sitcoms.

I am thankful for my life that I have lived, even if I have never owned a pair of Manola Blahnik shoes (hell I had to look up how to spell the name).  I am even ok with the fact that I can’t even afford a pair of Manola Blahnik shoes,  much less pronounce them.   I have not been so extravagant in life that I don’t know the names of all them men I have been with.  I am not waiting like Charlotte for a man to save me and take care of me.  I am not pushing love away at all costs like Samantha and yet I have NEVER been as practical or as successful as Miranda.   The good thing is I am just fine with all of that.  I am happy that I have had the opportunity to live vicariously through others lives, that are much like the ladies in Sex In The city.  Then I am just fine to go back to my little empty home, my happy and complicated work that doesn’t pay enough.  I am content to live on the west coast even though I adore the East coast.  But mostly, I am thankful I could write  my own comical sitcom and didn’t just stay home living through the lives of  the ladies on the show.

Just Another Day in LoLa-Land


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  1. boredlandia
    Jul 28, 2013 @ 11:25:24

    I, too, openly admit I was a SATC fan and desired for their dream life. Watching it years later I realized just how their life was not so dream like. They had more dramas, insecurities, and lessons to be learned.

    I am now a Charolette who lives nowhere near the lavish lifestyle but my home is filled with love and I didn’t have to wait with insecurity. I followed my destiny and it’s more kick ass than any of those SATC girls could imagine!

    Wonderful blog. I just started blogging on WordPress and love all the wonderful blogs I’m bumping into, yours included!


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