The Aging Birthday

Why is it that when we get older we get less presents and fewer parties? I swear I have been to so very many parties for one year olds to five year olds and I have sat for hours watching as these children either rampage through the countless gifts without even acknowledging any appreciation for them at all. Or I have seen the gift stack dwindle after several hours, all do to the fact that the child Is more interested in the box the gift came in, rather than the gift itself.
I just went to a birthday party for my parents, whose birthdays are only 6 days apart and between the two of them they had 1 gift to open. Granted it was one big thing they would both use. But I felt bad they both didn’t have a gift to open. What is that?
Is it that we have to much crap already so people don’t know what to buy us? Is it that people think it useless to buy older people gifts because, why, they might be dead soon or something? Is it that kids are cuter so they deserve more? ( This would maybe explain why the pretty girls always got more gifts).
What makes us not be just as excited to celebrate a 35 year olds birthday as we are for a 6 year olds? Is it our fault because so many of us older people hate to acknowledge how old we are? Is it because we have had a birthday EVERY SINGLE YEAR LIKE CLOCK WORK? Maybe we just become bored of them? ” oh Bob? Yah well I celebrated Bobs birthday with him last year. Isn’t that enough?”
I don’t know why, but these are the things that make me wonder?
Just another day in LoLa-Land


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