When I first moved into my new place I thought for sure it was haunted. At the time I was dating a man who would get premonitions of the future. It was one of his premonitions that I feel made me fall even harder for him ( but that’s a different story). I asked him if he saw any premonitions that he thought might come from the ghost in my closet and he never felt or saw anything. But I knew that my home had a unsettled soul living in it.
You see almost every time I opened the closet door in the master bedroom I would see a dead man hanging from the back of it. It got to the point after a few months of this, that I would flinch every time I would open my closet door because I would be so scared I would see him again. I would tell you what he was wearing or what he looked like, if I had ever grown relaxed with this vision. But as it was, I would see the man, looking out towards me, his head dipped down to one side, a noose placed securely around his neck, cutting off his oxygen. All I know is I would be so over come with fear and sadness, I would close my eyes and turn away. Whenever I turned back to try and get a better look at him, he would be gone.
I tried everything to get rid of the ghost. I tried blessed tea leaves, saging and nothing worked. I called a friend of mine who’s mom is psychic and I asked her for some guidance. She told me she felt there was no spirit attached to the house. Still he kept hanging amongst my unused clothes.
At some point my boyfriend and I broke up and he moved far away. Before he left he had become more and more angry with me over things that he was imagining in his head. My love for him was always evident to me but he could never accept it. His anger would effect his daily thoughts and his own demons that plagued his heart started to consume him.
When he finally left my ghost left with him. I have had no vision of any type since then. I have had no weird feeling like there is anyone else living here but me. I never worry about what I will see when I open my closet door anymore and now I wonder why. I have thought about this many times and the only plausible thing that makes any sense to me is that the dead man I kept seeing in my closet was not in fact dead at all. I feel now that I was never actually being haunted by a unsettled spirit. But, that I actually was getting my ex lovers premonitions instead of him and the man hanging in the back of my closet was in fact him. I truly believe that if he had stayed with me, If he had stayed here in this place he would have ended up hanging himself in my closet and I would have found him.
I know my home is peaceful now that he is gone and I hope that my ex has found peace with in himself. As for me I think he will be the last man I chose to be with who has a psychic ability like that, because I was grossly ill prepared for his visions.


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