Blackbirds Feast

It looked as though a layer of black lace had been placed over the earth
Pockets of the unearthed ground popped out from under its coverage

The lace rippled in the wind even though there was none
It lifted itself from its resting place in a haunting display of darkness

A million thumping sounds could be heard across the valley
The fluttering of wings as the blackbirds Scavenged for their prey

If you listened hard enough you could hear the soil screaming
Trapped under the cloak of their shade longing for the suns sultry touch

The life within it just recently exposed from the mowing
Petrified by the prickling feeling of the blackness that now towers above

The weight of one bird is not enough to stop a blade of grass from rising again
But the weight of so many bony claws was more than any blade can bare

How long would these onyx predators stay in this forsaken place
How far had they flown to be here

Their many beaks plowed into the dirt with hopes of finding a fresh meal
As the worms tried desperately to funnel deeper into the hard earth

Just as suddenly as they arrived the layer of black lace lifted from the earth
Scattering like the ants whose home had just need destroyed

They rose like ashes in a wind storm swaying like boats in a choppy sea
Gliding to any nearby branch they could find

The blackbirds caws could be heard for miles around
A symphony of pain and frustration, As the earth was able to breath once more
And the trees suddenly stood still from their waited arms


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