Hard Times or Hardly Working?

I’m not rich by any means. But I also don’t consider myself poor. I have enough to get me by, so I am thankful. When I was in between homes I was lucky to have ample wonderful friends and family to help me out and I know lots of people don’t have that kind of safety net. But I worked hard to make a home for myself as most of us do. I am thankful I was able to call on my personal abilities to survive and never had to beg for money from strangers or even my friends and family. Because of this, I understand that people have struggles and things can get really rough, but I have a hard time trusting all the people that stand on corners with signs asking for money.
I try to trust that prople are being honest but lately, I don’t trust that if I gave someone my money they would infant, spend it on food or rent. Especially considering I have seen on several occasions men wearing ratty clothes and looking dirty, jump into nicer cars then mine, after standing on such a corner, being given money all day. It disgusts me that some people do this for a living and can actually make more money than me. It’s because of this distrust that I never give my money away.
I will however drive out of my way or take time out of my day, to pick up food somewhere for someone who may be asking for money, because the idea of people starving to death, especially in my own neighborhood is very disturbing. I don’t expect anything for doing this for people, except maybe a “Thank You”. And yet it is amazing to me just how many of the people I buy food for, are NOT appreciative. They almost seem irritated that I am not handing them a wad of cash.
Once a friend of mine and I made about 30 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, bagged them up and drove around town handing them out to people who were searching through trash and or standing on corners. I was dismayed to find so many people who had no interest at all in our sandwiches, all they wanted was money. Some would be standing there with a sign asking for “food or money” and still turn down the sandwich and ask us for money? I heard once that if a child is really hungry than they will eat what ever you give them and that is why you should never make special meals just for picky kids. Wouldn’t the same be true for us adults? If we are truly hungry wouldn’t any edible item be a wonderful treat? I wondered if they were worried our food was bad or if we had some how poisoned our sandwiches in some of evil plot to rid the town of the local homeless population. I could see where they would maybe be hesitant to try something homemade. I mean all us Americans grew up tricker treating and being told by our parents to NOT eat the home made candy because it could have strychnine or razor blades in it; I understand where that deep seeded paranoia comes from. Because of that I started buying foods from stores and restaurants. Now I look for homeless people if I have leftovers from a meal out, so I can give it to them.
I guess I am finding it harder and harder to help a stranger out and I find that frustrating. I worry that the people who panhandle for no reason, than that it’s easier than getting a job, are destroying the faith that the rest of us should have that our helpful donations are actually going to someone who deserves it and would really appreciate it. Will we all become so jaded that we suspect everyone is lying and so therefor no good deeds are done or have we already become this jaded? I hate that people who really need help and who are working hard to make it, are the ones missing out.
Sometime people can really disappoint me and I hate that.


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