Lazy Boobs

I’ve decided that my boobs have become lazy in their old age. They used to always be ready and at full attention for any kind of one on one physical combat. When I would lay down on my back they would stay right where they should on top of my chest. They would act like two ripe tomatoes basking in the sun. I always had this beautiful cleavage that looked like two beautiful scoops of vanilla ice cream and this was with or without a bra. I see woman, or rather girls with these beautiful types of TaTa’s now and I am so jealous.

Now my boobs just look so depressed and tired they are constantly looking down instead of out, It’s as if they have a self esteem problem. Instead of having them naturally fit into the little triangle fake boob cups in sexy nighties like they used to, my boobs have decided to become mamas girls and like to hang out near my stomach. It’s easier for me to store things Under my un-clothed boobs, then if I put the same item in my bra, next to my sad boobs, where the item will inevitably slip out the side and out my shirt. It’s so bad that now when I lay on my back my boobs act as if they can hardly stand the pressure of gravity anymore and fall into my arms for support. It is as if my boobs have decided to become best friends with my armpits. I have actually had to tell my lovers to roll over because they were laying on one of my breast.

It really is a sad, sad state of affairs. Have I thought about getting a boob job, yes. Do I want to place anything fake inside of my natural body, no. So, instead I will just continue to apologize for my sagging boobs to my man. And I will forever be looking for sexy nighties that have a built in push-up bra. Maybe I will find some happy cure for them that will bring them back into their happy place, dead center on my chest.

Just another day in LoLa-Land


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  1. bonnyreg
    Sep 07, 2013 @ 14:55:29

    Very funny. The other half had a good chuckle when I read it out loud to her.


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