What’s your Preference?


I posted this picture of this girl who was used as a advertisement on my Facebook page for some woman’s magazine. They were promoting a diet they had published and how this woman lost 23 lbs doing the diet. I found the woman really beautiful in both pictures but I personally find her prettier before she lost the weight and I found it odd that the magazine felt her current look was so nice they should use it in an advertisement.

I posted this picture on my page with the question of “what picture do you think is prettier?” And I got a large number of responses. Every single one of them felt that the picture on the left (the heavier one) was the better looking one, then the one on the right. I had one friend respond that he felt the skinnier version of this girl was more appealing then the heavier version.

There is one glaring difference between this particular friend and all the others who replied, he is from Sweden and everyone else was born in America. I have not yet had the chance to travel the world but I have read many times that most other countries find Americans to be fat. Do my friends and I feel this woman’s heavier frame is more attractive because that is what we are used to? Have Americans become conditioned to a finding a larger frame attractive? If I were to post this picture to a number or Europeans would the majority consider the skinnier picture the hotter look?
Who’s to say which look is better? Doctors would probably argue that her skinnier frame is the healthier one because of our Body Mass index. But others would say that you can see she is healthier in the heavier picture by looking at the fullness and healthiness of her hair.
Again I will say I think this woman is very attractive and that in either picture she looks great. But, If I had a choice I’d stay at the heavier weight and if I was into woman I’d rather rub up to that body too.
Just another day in LoLa-Land


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