When Is A Sign Necessary

There has been a recent addition to the signage in my apartments pool area that I find fascinating. There has always been the normal signs, “no running! No diving! No drinking! No smoking” basically NO FUN. I understand though because it is not a private pool area. The owners have to consider the safety of all the tenants young and old. So, of course I frown at the normal signs and yet still obey them. But this new sign… The new sign makes me want to disobey it.

The new sign reads as such,
” please do not use the Hot tub if you are experiencing diarrhea or have had diarrhea within the last two weeks”.

OK, if you have been a follower of my blog for awhile, then you will know that this sign is just driving me to ask more questions. Let’s start with the obvious, Really?!?! We need a sign for this? Isin’t that just common sense? Did something happen in the pool or hot tub that brought this sign to reality? Did someone have an accident? Because if someone just had an accident, well it’s really gross but, these types of accidents do happen. Or did someone willingly get into the hot tub knowing they had diarrhea and hoped the near boiling hot water would some how ease their tummy? Or was someone using the hot tub because they were looking for a high pressure wash to rinse out their bum?
Still with all these question plaguing me I wonder again, “even if it was a stupid person who thought it was ok to soak with the runs, did they really need a sign?” Could they not tell the person that this was just not acceptable public pool etiquette? Or did someone poop in the hot tub and the owners tried to make the person pay for clean up? Was there a law suit? Did a jury determine that because there was no sign posted about not being able to shit in the pool, that it was some how allowed?
I wonder ” maybe this is some new California state law”, that this sign must be posted next to all public bodies of water? I thought, “maybe I’ll see it at my friends apartments pool house?” and yet when I went there, I saw no new sign. Did more than one person shit in the hot tub? Is that why we have a sign?

Maybe nothing happened? Maybe they are just covering their butts (pardon the pun) making sure that they don’t have to pay for cleanup if it does happen? Maybe they actually have their eyes on a suspicious tenant who appears to have leaky butt? I don’t know the answers and yet still these questions invade my thoughts. Do I want to go hot tubbing while I am riddled with lose stools, just because? NO.
But my boyfriend and I have the best time interviewing anyone who wishes to join us in our “shared heated liquid sanctuary of bliss and hopefully no shit”, about their bowel movements for the last two weeks. We tell them, “We must make sure we could trust that you will stay within the guidelines made for you by my landlord? Can you promise not to shit in the tub?”

Just another (weird) day in LoLa-Land


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