Snake Crossing

This year on my birthday I spent some time treating myself to some much needed TLC. I first had an acupuncture treatment, and then I took a mud bath, which I finished up with 75 minute Swedish massage. My body was so relaxed all day I had very little worry or stress even when I had 10 drunken women in my place later that night.

On the way to my private Bogota, where my massage was being administered I was walking down some dirt steps formed out of the side of a hill, watching the steps my masseuse took as I followed her. As she stepped forward off one step I saw what looked like a bright green twig under her rising foot. As I was about to step onto this beautifully colored tree limb it moved and I saw this glimpse of brilliant red appear from under it.
I stopped my step instantly and settled back on to the step I was just leaving. Without my impending foot in the way I was able to see where the wonderful colors were coming from. It was a snake.
There it sat, it was a bright green with a brilliant red underbelly and mouth all coiled up. The snake and I just starred at each other for about 30 seconds. I was Entranced by its beauty, I wanted to get closer to it by squatting down but I had no idea if it was poisonous or not.

I then brought the snake to my masseuse’s attention. She had practically stepped on it and didn’t even see it. As I walked around the snake to the right and it slithered off to the left the masseuse said,
“What a wonderful gift to be given on your birthday”
“Hu”? I replied confused.
“To be given the knowledge of a totem animal on your birthday is very special and a snake is very telling. A snake is a sign if being grounded and of rebirth. A sign that you have or are about to shed your skin and become something new. You are essentially being reborn or just have. Congratulations that’s amazing” she responds all happy.

I didn’t really know what to say. I never thought a snake would be a special animal for me and yet I felt something when it and I starred at each other. I had no intentions if screaming or killing it. I wanted to pick it up and take it with me. I was sad to see it go and yet I was so happy to be able to see such a thing of beauty. The masseuse made me wonder, “I have changed so much in my life I feel I have already had the rebirth she speaks of and yet I feel I am still not done coming into my own. Was that sighting as significant as she felt? Will there be even more change for me? When I’m finally done, will I be as beautiful as that wonderful snake?”


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