Welcome to the Naked 40’s

This birthday has had a very interesting theme. I don’t really need anything. Well nothing my friends could afford to get me. But, I love to have new experiences, I believe my amazing friends figured this out and decided to bring me just that. funny thing is they all seemed to revolve around nudity.

I threw myself my own 40th birthday party. Since most of my friends have also tuning 40 this year, it has been a very expensive year due to all the parties. Every couple weeks I have been celebrating someone else’s 40th birthday, I wanted my birthday to be different. So, I made it old school and did a slumber party.

During my party my ladies had a plan that was a total surprise to me. They had a stripper come to my house and acted like a cop to freak me out. I was shocked he was a stripper he and my girls totally fooled me. I have been to strip clubs but I have never been the main person that a stripper is there to preform for. I have also never heard of a stripper doing the full Monty but this one sure did. I was so scared. I didn’t want to do anything that would upset my boyfriend and I didn’t know what this guy was going to do. I must of had his bare naked ass in my face about 30 times in an hour. I was also extremely embarrassed but having a blast. I was trying not to make a big deal out of the fact that I got a man for my birthday. It was a really funny night. The man was beautiful and was very strong, as he had me and every single one of my friends up in the air at some point. I loved it and at the same time I was so glad when it was over. My favorite part was the fact that I had never had a stripper before and how cool was it to experience having a man dance for me naked, in celebration of my 40th year of birth?

Then the next day my man and I traveled down the California coast line looking for the perfect beach. We stopped a few times and saw some beautiful beaches. But the prettiest one was actually across a dangerous road, down 150 wooden steps and around a rocky cove. It had the prettiest stretch of golden soft sand. It had teal blue waters that made form into some huge waves. Surrounding all if this beauty was a steep rocky cliff that had different colored succulents covering its tall side. Dark browns and lush greens covered the walls that surrounded us. There were few people on this beach, because it was kind of a excluded and most of the people were naked.
Holly shit, here I go again second day in a row looking at other peoples junk. I had never been to a nude beach before but I have always wanted to go. I figured it would be fun to see all the different body types and maybe it would even turn me on. I knew I would not be uncomfortable and as it turned out, I wasn’t. I never thought I would join them in nakedness but I figured, I am 40 now and no where near home, why the hell not?

I was surprised I was willing to undress. When I got there I was in no way shape of form going to take my clothes off. But I was very comfortable there. Why was I more comfortable in front of a bunch of naked people (mostly men) vs. just one naked man where I Am fully dressed? I think it comes down to the sex factor, I was comfortable being naked in the hot sun. I felt prettier naked then I did in a tight bra and yoga pants. It was natural and everyone around me was the same. With the stripper I felt all this sexual pressure. Like I was supposed to appear turned on. I had someone using their natural physicalness to try and arouse me in front of my friends. At the beach there was no sexual energy being pushed on me. Yes I saw men looking at me and yet I felt they were only admiring my form rather than trying to rub up against it. Maybe it’s about our physical space? Is our comfort level determined by our personal space and how comfortable we may feel with in it? Or was my comfort level more affected by the sexual aspect of what i was experiencing? I don’t know? What I do know is I have seen A whole lot of penises for one weekend.

But you know what I say,
It’s just another day in LoLa-land



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