Let The Mourners Come

His temple has been prepared as he waits motionless for his entrance
As each segment of different colored glass in the windows have been cleaned. Each foot of the century-old wood that made up the stage for all this beauty has been dusted by hand.
The many chandeliers that lit the ornate landscape hung dramatically from a magnificent domed ceiling.
As tall white candles cast a tender glow over the center of the room that all the polished mahagony pews adorned with the ancient hymn books, surrounded.
Only the finest of the gold linen laid out for his benefit, hand embroidered with love for such a special moment
The revered statues of his lord stood with open arms ready to receive him.

It is time, bring in the mourners. Tell them to sit in silence as they wait for him.
Only muffled voices in this home please.
They have all come from afar to pay their respects. Shrouded in their nicest cloth, weighted with their most expensive jewelry. For only the best is good enough for the expression of love they had for him. Let the chorales sing of the words of others. Let the mourners be soothed in their promises as their soulful melody fills the somber air.
Let the mourners cry. This day of sadness is in ceremony for him as it’s hope is to heel them.


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