$5.00 Bucket

There is something my NY Gays do that I am aiming to start doing. My entire adult life I have put all my change into two different bins silver and copper. In fact when my ex and I were finally divorced, we took a piggy bank that my dad made us, that you could not be opened without being destroyed, that we put only quarters and dimes in it for 17 years and we took a drill to it. When all was said and done we had damn near $1000.00 and we were both so excited.
Well, my NY gays do the same exact thing but with fives. They have a $5.00 bucket. Not a change bucket or a $1.00 bucket but a $5.00 bucket! They said that they realized at some point that they both always had fives on them. So, they decided when ever they had a five in their wallet at the end of the day it would go in the bucket.
All I could think was man I wish I could have a five dollar bucket. I wish I could afford to give those up when I have them. How nice it was to be able to not stress about cab fare because the $5.00 bucket was full. If I were to pull out enough change to make up cab fare from my change bucket it would take all of it. So now I wonder, how can I implement my own $5.00 bucket? Would I be actually able to keep it full? I wonder if instead of calling it the $5.00 bucket if it would have more effect as the “trip to Italy” bucket? When one is not wealthy what is the trick to helping us save our dollars and even our fives?


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