The Red Lambs

It is time for the queens feast
Her majesty is very hungry
First you must all knell at her feet
Or like the lambs you will be sorry

She always likes to take her pick
From the heard that castle owns
Which lamb she thinks is more thick
She will not be wanting skin and bone

Bring out the white lambs
Let them frolic before her
The queen has herself a plan
While you boil the water and stir

Those silly little lambs of dinner
She laughs when she sees them
Living near the castle like winners
They have no idea what they will win

She likes her lambs pure and white
She likes her lambs to be quick
She likes to watch them kick and fight
As she beats them with her stick

She pays no mind of the lambs pureness of heart
She cares not if they hold a special skill
Once she chooses the lamb that she will rip apart
The audience can’t help but be still

The scene is quite a horror to see
The squeals are heard from every bed
As She beats the lambs until they bleed
Turning their wool from white to red

Once the lambs heart has stopped beating
The queen has worked up an appetite
We start to prepare the lamb for her pleasing
The queens gorging is quite a sight

Once the queen has finished her meal
Exhausted she retires to her suites and sleeps
The carnage she leaves behind is surreal
As Her servants clean the blood off their feet

As the queen lays asleep like a child
As the candles burning light start to dim
The lambs scream in their cages like wild
Because tomorrow that red lamb may be them


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