You’re Not Getting Any Younger

A few weeks back I was bending my friend’s ear about my boyfriend woes and looking to her for some guidance. She said a lot of spot-on things and then she busted out with, “You’re Not Getting Any Younger”. Now, I have heard this expression said so many times and it has never even made a dent in my sense self-worth or given me any added pressure. Much like my Catholic grandma, when she used to preach to me about not getting into heaven if I was bad, I would walk away unscathed like she was talking gibberish. But, when my friend made that statement, I actually gasped and felt my heart skip. (I hate it when that happens, unless it’s for a good reason.)

What kind of expression is that, “You’re Not Getting Any Younger”? There are absolutely no good aspects to that statement. Really it is just a mean-spirited thing to say because, how is reminding someone that they are literally closer to death every day, worth bringing up? It also seems to imply that you’re not going to get any better or life is only going to get worse? It is truly a “The glass is half empty instead of full” way of looking at life.

Having only been officially divorced for just over a year now, the last thing I have been even remotely thinking about is the idea that I need to hurry up and find my soul mate before I am too old. But, I know her advice came from an honest place and not a heartless place. She was wondering if I was wasting my time fighting with one person all the time. But, it seemed to hit me below the belt, because I could listen to her advice around my relationship and take it or leave it, but; me not getting any younger is all about me and it is happening to me.

I am wondering why this time this expression is hitting me harder than normal. It could be the fact that I am 40 now and it is officially time for me to do a minor freak-out because, I can tell my eyes are worse, my legs ache in the cold, I have bags under my eyes 24/7 and that statement only reminded me that I am just getting older? Or is it that, it is a negative way of looking at my future rather than a positive way? It could also be the pressure of that “perfect family, home, picket fence” mentality rearing its ugly head again? I would rather not feel like I have to be in some picturesque fantasy to be happy in life. I would rather worry about dying happily, rather than whether I will be dying alone or not. Even more so I would rather not worry about any aspects of death and just enjoy my life. Of course it helps when people don’t remind you about the “Not getting any younger” aspect of life.
Just another day in LoLa-Land


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