Now To “Never”

That day had been coming for a long time
Both of them fighting for beliefs that never aligned

It was that time between the beginning and end
It was now time for the “Never” to begin

Between them there was a lifetime of disappointment.
Both of them brimming with years of resentment.

One felt the other should abide by her relentless demands
“I am your mother and you’re never too old to get the back of my hand”

The other one much younger but wise beyond her years
Glared at her mother through her angry eyes and tears

“Stay out of this mom, it’s not about you”
Knowing full well what was about to ensue

“Stay in your place girl remember who you’re talking to”
Threatening her daughter with what she would do

It was fight of will to see who would be strongest
A test stubbornness to see who could last the longest

It always came down to the power of generations
“You came from my womb girl, you better except my conditions”

To an outsider it was clear that both were right and both were wrong
They had a wall of frustration between them for far too long

“You think you can control me now but you never really did”
As the daughter realizes she is no longer a young kid

“Mom keep your opinion all to yourself the last thing I need is your judgment”
Said with the years of never obtaining this woman’s acknowledgement

The two faced off for what seemed like forever
It was finally a moment between now and “never”


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