One Cycle

Some of you men may not be aware of this but I am sure all of you woman are; It is a well know fact amongst us females that when we spend a lot of time with certain woman and we are not being influenced by birth control parameters , we will start to cycle at the same time. Well this has got me thinking about some pretty scary stuff.

What if there was no birth control? What if there was nothing a woman could take to some how alter the cycle for which she menstruated. Would all woman in the world, at some point, cycle at the exact same time?!? How horrifying would that be? If you are an avid reader of my blog you will know that I suffer from PMS and have tried to take many steps, apart from chemical warfare, to eliminate my PMS symptoms. I get the entire gamut of issues from excessive bloating, sadness, stress, anger, hunger, tired, bowel issues; hell, I even get extremely horny at times. Most of these symptoms can come on for no reason at all and I won’t even realize there’s and issue, only that I’m really sad.
What would the world be like for seven days if every woman in the world was to be dealing with these emotions at the exact same time? Men would have to hide in caves only praying that they are not discovered. Chocolate would have to be stored in bulk in all stores. Feminine products would need to be just left on door steps so as to avoid any mishaps. restaurants would need to double up on delivery staff for all the lazy, bloated woman who just have that “not so fresh feeling”. Tv channels would need to run countless streams of romantic comedies and tear jerkers.
I don’t know if society as a whole could handle such a event. So I pledge that beyond just being able to have population control, that we enlist a new law making birth control pills and any other menstrual cycle altering drug always available for woman around the world. For the love of all that is good and peaceful in this world I impore you all to join me in my cause.


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