How Did I Get Here

Every now and then I find myself somewhere and I start thinking, ” How did I get here”? Usually it’s when I find myself in a church or some stranger’s family event. Tonight I found myself asking that question in a bathroom.
It was one of my best friends birthday so we took her out to dinner and dancing. It was almost midnight and I was sitting on the toilet in the handicapped stall of the women’s bathroom in the bar. All I could hear was what seemed like 20 woman talking at once ( I am sure it was more like 10). But they were all talking over each other and at each other. As I sat on my porcelain throne, my urine frozen in me (from fear I’m sure), I tried to relax enough to pee. At the same time I was listening to the multitudes of conversations that penetrated my normally solitary room and obliterated any hope of hearing the music that was shaking my boobs.
Some woman were going on and on about what they had on. Two were discussing a conversation one had earlier with a man, where she told him she thought he was lying and found the purple thong. Three girls were confronting another girl about how there was obviously something wrong with her and she kept denying that she was upset, as they just kept railroading her that she was upset. Then there was the girl on the phone talking to her friend about how her ex, “is here tonight with that skank bitch….” Oy vay” my head was swimming.
I was trying to focus on doing my business, as I tried to listen to all the drunken drama around me and also realizing this is the stall I got my first chick kiss in. All the while I myself am… Tipsy and all I can think is “how did I get here”?

Oh well, it’s just another night in LoLa-Land


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