Big Boob Issues

My friend recently sent me a list of 12 bad things you deal with when you have big boobs. She felt I would be able to relate. The list consisted of these:
1- Big boobs suck because you may have stains you can’t see under your boob so you have no idea it’s there. (I don’t usually deal with this. I pretty much always have a stain on my clothes)
2- It sucks when you are at  a bar and how the bar counter will be right at boob level, so the only comfortable thing to do is to just lay those suckers on the bar. (I will admit I have done this. I can’t lie; I am embarrassed to admit it.)
3- How about being on a plane with turbulence and have them shaking all over. (Ok this happens to me all the time and I kind of like it. Hee hee I find it kind of a turn on. LoL)
4- It’s always a possibility someone will ask you if they can Motorboat you. (This really only happens with drunk young men which I have a normal response to. “Honey you would drown”, nobody else is that stupid.)
5. 6, & 7- seat belts, purse straps and suspenders- Do they go in between our boobs (that looks stupid), around the outsides (just pushes them together) or over the top of your boobs ( which make the straps seem huge).
8- Doing the dishes is never a dry experience. (That’s all that needs to be said)
9- objects are never safe if placed in front of large breasts. They had an example of a woman knocking over a glass of water with her boob. (I have actually accidentally started a copier with my breast before.)
10- How about ruffled shirts, they just make your boobs look even BIGGER! (Uh hu)
11- buying tank tops with built in bras. LMAO (like that could ever be enough support!)
12- Stairs and going down them quickly. (Honestly the idea of this makes me wince like when a man imagines getting hit in the balls).

The post made me laugh but also got me to thinking. There are still so very many other things that drive me crazy about having larger boobs. (Don’t get me wrong I am thankful for them but this is fun so, I’m going to keep going.)

I would like to add these:
13- Why just planes? Let’s add roller coasters and any activity regarding four wheels and off roading and even worse water sports, with only a bathing suit on. My chest always hurts when I get home, from all the jumping around.
14- What about the sweat. You can all pretend it doesn’t exist but I hate boob sweat. Yet wearing a bra all day and night is not my idea of fun, especially when the underwire starts to dig into my armpit.   So yah, I buy the tank tops with built in bras to lounge in, and yet they are never big enough in the boob area. So the elastic band shoots horizontally over the center of my tits and feels like I’m trying to cut them in half after an hour of wearing it.
15-My favorite one is when pregnant woman complain that they gained so much weight they can’t see their feet anymore because of their stomach. All I’m thinking is “honey I haven’t been able to see my feet since 10th grade. It’s always scary to just bend over to see what shoes you have on, because you never know if the weight of the ta-ta’s will allow you to get back up again”


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