Quiet New Year

I’ve been silent a lot so far this year and I apologize for that. I have been very busy with work and find I am too spent, to put to words, the funny commentary and interesting stories that make up my life. There are plenty of poems and stories I have started and never finished because they do not meet my suddenly, strict censorship of my work. I wonder where that comes from? I started this blog to clear my head. I know I have mis-spellings. I know I have run-on and incomplete sentences. So, why now, after all these years is that suddenly an issue for me? Enough of an issue, that even this post has sat unfinished for days.

My mind has been cluttered. This is my busiest season and I chose now to start a new path within the same field and took a new job. As I train someone to replace me at my old job, train at my new job and still handle my own business’s busy season, I have been too stressed to finish anything of the personal nature. This change in work has affected every other aspect of my life. Financially I am taking a big hit for a few months. Physically I have been so busy working out gets pushed to the back of the line and cooking is simply a luxury I don’t have. Health wise, I am doing ok, now that I found a new acupuncture clinic but I was worried for awhile. My love and my libido have been put in the guest room and are allowed out during temporary moments of forced relaxation. My joy level is on hold until I fully vacate my old life and accept my new one. However, from what I have encountered thus far I feel like it’s going to be a good fit for me.

I guess this is me checking in. I will try to write more next month as I plan to be far more relaxed. Until then, I wish all my lovely followers a wonderful January 2014.

It’s just a very busy day in LoLa-Land


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