Some of the things I love

I love to sit in the grass and feel the individual blades go from little stabbing pokes all over my body, to a soft layer of freshness under me. I love that just minutes after I get up the individual blades of grass are perky again.

I love the salty light mist that sprays past you and on to your face when a wave crashes before you and the sheer force of its arrival blows parts of itself the distance between you.

I love when I come home and find my cat nestled in the nook of my dogs belly and they look like they’re spooning.

I love the melody of a early fall morning. When the birds are chirping, the wind is slightly whistling causing the dry leaves to dance loudly. And the dead leaves that have already fallen, start to swirl around on the concrete making a scratching sound.

I love to hear people laugh from the bottom of their bellies and watch as tears pool in the corners of their eyes because what ever was just said or happened just made their day that much funnier.

I love when this person is me.

I love to watch the sunset over the pacific. I love to see the dark ocean go Opalescent right before the sun looks like it’s touching the water. And then I love to watch as the sun appears to drown itself in the seemingly still ocean.

I love the bright colors of oranges, pinks, purples and blues during a sunrise and a sunset. I love being able to see them both as much as possible

I love the way babies smell and how soft their skin is.

I love really passionate kisses that take me completely off guard. The kind where you think your done and start to pull away but he wants more. The type that make your knees weak and you actually need him to hold on to.

I love when you walk by someone’s house and you can hear them singing along to music at the top of their lungs and they don’t know you can hear them. I can feel their freeness.

I love so much more but this was a good start.


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