Bobbing Visitor

Today I followed this big white pick-up for about five miles on the freeway. About every 30 seconds this little white dog would pop his head up out of no where and wag his tongue at me.
He was so stinking cute. He was morphed by the enormous bed of the truck he was in. And you could tell he was tied up or he probably would have jumped right onto my car ( or under it ). I imagined that he liked listening to my music that I had blaring. Being that all my windows were down I am sure he could hear the beautiful melody Patti Griffith was singing. And imagined he kept jumping up to see where all the beauty was coming from.

Soon the truck went south and I went North and I lost sight of my bobbing head friend. I actually missed him for a few minutes like some total sap. I think I’m just missing my dog.
Anyway just a pleasant morning in LoLa-Land


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